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ATX | Crosslink | Drake | Lacerte | ProSeries | ProSystemsFX | TaxAct | TaxSlayer | TaxWise | UltraTax

Yes, we partner with Audit Protection Plus Tax Resolution.  In addition to Audit Protection we also have Identity Theft with Legal and Tax Resolution.

Yes, not only is our Client Organizer Mobile App able to be hosted on your website, emailed to your Clients it flows right into the Tax Software saving you many keystrokes.

We do offer Advances to your Clients both Pre-Season and during season as well.  We also offer ERO Loans directly to you the Tax Preparer.  These Advances and Loans are done through our banking partners and based on their approval criteria.

Through our Banking Partners we do offer the Software Purchase Assistance (SPA).  You will need your previous years bank product funding report to be considered.

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You have excellent customer service and really appreciate doing business with you and I'm looking forward to doing business with you in the near future.
I have been a customer I would guess since you started selling software and I would never change. I do not call in for support very often but when I do it is always a pleasant experience.
You have excellent customer service, software and after 12 years as a customer I would not consider going anywhere else. I have recommended you to several happy folks too.
The was my first year with your company and after the experience I had last year with another company I can not believe how knowledgeable and nice your entire staff is.
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